Blush and Ruffles- Feminine Style

Recreate the Look (ps my shoes are on sale!)

Happy Monday! If you’ve followed me for a while (or for about 5 seconds :-P) you’ll know that midi skirts and ruffles are some of my fave things to wear. Although there’s something classic about heels with a midi skirt, they also look fab with other types of shoes, especially loafers and slides. With this outfit I opted for a neutral look with a pop of colour and print on my shoes (which are currently 30% off right now might I add and come in tonnes of sizes!) My skirt and top are sold out, but I’ve linked a heap of similar options above to get the look. This outfit is really one of my faves!

Quick life update- I’m starting a new job this week, our land settles tomorrow (weee!) and we’ve finished booking our trip to the US in September. Phew! No wonder I feel tired? πŸ˜› We will be going to New York, Chicago (to visit dear friends, including a road trip with them, yay) and Disneyland! V. excited πŸ˜€ We just need to book restaurants and activities for NY- any recommendations? I wanted to see Hamilton, but it looks like all the dates are sold out. πŸ™ Oh well!

And our land settling tomorrow means we will hopefully fingers crossed start building in at the beginning of August (after some pesky council approvals!) I am so ready to move into this house! If I sound exasperated it’s because we’ve been going through tile drama for the past few weeks- yes, it’s a thing (If you’ve built or renovated you probably understand!)

Anyway, I need to count my blessings! Boyi and I both have our health and are lucky enough to build so I shouldn’t complain! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. xxx



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