NYC Style – Lower Manhattan walking tour casual tourist chic

(This is a perfect staple jacket and is on major sale and my top is only $11.70!)

We are back from our US vacation and I’m feeling fantastic! There is nothing like a vacation in a new country to open up your eyes, inspire you, and leave you feeling motivated, refreshed, and grateful- what more could you want? I went straight back to work (no rest for the wicked!) but a long weekend and some rainy weather has given me the chance to trawl through our thousands of photos. It’s great to relive all our memories, but it is a lot of work haha! I’m working on our New York Guide that I think you will all love, and in the mean time I will be posting all my looks from New York.

We arrived at our hotel at about 8.30pm Friday night after about 27 hours of travelling. Was I exhausted? Yes. Did I want to sleep? Heck no! We were in NYC for the first time, and I wanted to explore (and eat dinner :-P). We had a late night, but had a pre booked walking tour way downtown at 9.30am the next day. We met at Federal Hall near Wall Street, which is where these photos are taken. I remember it was sunny and fresh, and as we caught the subway and walked the streets to our meeting spot, it felt so surreal that we were finally in the big Apple. I say finally, because I mean really, I grew up watching NY on tv shows and movies, so it was somewhere I’ve spent a lifetime waiting to visit. It felt like I was on a movie set!

Back to my outfit- now I very carefully planned all my outfits for this trip. We travel a fair bit, and I’ve worked out that the clothes you bring need to be cute/stylish (of course!), comfy, practical and interchangeable. All the items I’m wearing in these photos served me very well. Let’s start with the T shirt. The print is so cute, it has ruffles on the sleeves and is extra long which I like- and it’s $11.70. Seriously do yourself a favour and just get it. I’ve already worn it about 40 times. This jacket is amazing- I was looking for the perfect light wash, distressed boyfriend jacket, and this one has also just gone on sale for $53! (I like buying on sale haha- it just feels better). My jeans you know I’ve had for ages and love- I wore them through Europe the same time last year. Finally let’s talk about shoes. When B and I travel, we usually do LONG days. For example in NY we were leaving the hotel generally about 10am, and getting home about 2am. I don’t care how comfy you think your sandals, flats, espradrilles, whatever are, when you are walking for 14 hours a day for 7 days, girl you need sneakers. With cushiony support. I pretty much mostly just wore these shoes. I also love these, and of course my Roshes that I wore in Europe for 5 weeks last year.

ps In case you’re wondering about the flag photo and why they’re looking a little distressed, it’s actually a beautiful story! Essentially this artist went around America and exchanged people’s sad looking flags for brand new ones- you can read more about it here.

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