Athleisure style and all my fave sneakers

As a fully fledged adult, athleisure has fast become one of my favourite weekend looks. I work M-F, so come Saturday I have got a whole list of stuff that needs to be done. I need to be efficient. I need to be comfortable. And so help me I will still look cute. 😀 You only need a few items to put together your athleisure look- and the best part is you can use items from your ‘non-athleisure’ wardrobe, for example I wore this chambray shirt and carried one of my fave bags of course (no backpack or gym bag required). I also added this beautiful monogrammed necklace for a delicate touch. You don’t want to look too sporty, and I always still do my hair and makeup.  For me athleisure is about comfort and practicality whilst still looking good.

The main player, I believe, in the athleisure look, and what makes it so darn comfortable and alluring are the sneakers. I am literally running errands, therefore sneakers should really be the only shoes I should be wearing, right! I am so glad that athleisure has become in vogue, because I have the worst feet for shoes, and to get to wear soft comfortable shoes with arch support in the name of fashion just makes my day!

I like to keep my sneakers relatively neutral, so I generally stick to white, grey and blush. But I did link a wild card below (it may or may not have sequins…!!!) that I have my eye on! What are you favourite sneakers for athleisure??


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