Black floral ruffle jumpsuit and hair update

How fun is this jumpsuit?! It’s by this brand called Band of GypsiesI bought it when I was in the US, but you can buy them online which is always excellent! I love how their pieces are really floral and floaty and ruffley and a bit boho, which is perfect for us going into summer (or any lucky vacationers- I know 2 people in Fiji and 1 person at the Maldives right now- the jealousy struggle is real!)

We took these photos at our new house! Obviously it’s a construction site right now, and not a real house, but we really want to document the process as we build, and share everything with you guys (plus the lighting was good! haha). Once the house is all built I know we will look back on these photos and think of when we wanted to be in the new house already so badly, and it will be cool to show our future children one day too, that their mum was young once and wore jumpsuits on construction sites!

So I thought a hair update was in order, especially since these photos really show my hair in more detail. So as background, I haven’t dyed my hair for two years and was really trying to grow it out. I have only had one hair cut all year. You might know that I was also taking Biotin supplements (I bought mine here) one per day for the past 8 or so months. I noticed this really helped my hair grow. I felt like my hair growth was plateauing a bit, and I feel like the biotin really helped it get a few more inches.  I also really love this new hair care range I picked up when we were in the US. I bought the shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment. You can get them here, or if you’re in Australia, here and here.  You can really see my hair growth from my natural hair colour- since this has been TWO years of growth, you can really see what I’m battling here! But when you’re fighting genetics, you can only do your best- supplements, healthy eating, less colour and heat, and good products.

Real talk- it can be frustrating when I see girls with long thick hair almost down to their waist, or the bloggers with flowing curls. You have to remember that this is genetics. You can try your best, and still not get hair like that, and you just have to accept it, and remember that everyone has their positives, and of course everyone has flaws. Some people have perfect skin, some people are naturally slender, or have long hair, strong nails, etc, the list could go on. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, you just need to focus on what you HAVE, instead of what you don’t have. <3


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