Booty Barre Review and Workout Outfit- My fave workout leggings

I’m going to begin this by saying if you want to lift your butt, get skinnier legs and a flatter tummy really quickly, then you need to start doing Booty Barre right now!

I know I sound like a TVSN ad, but this review is 100% honest, 0% sponsored. I’m just writing about something I feel passionate about!

Personally I have only tried Booty Barre, but I believe other barre methods e.g. Pure Barre, all use similar workouts. And please note I am not a Booty Barre instructor and or exercise professional- these are just my opinions!

What is Booty Barre, and what is a class like?

BB workouts comprise of pilates, yoga, tai chi and ballet movements. A typical BB class is 60 minutes and begins with stretching and fluid movements to loosen the muscles and open up the hips, followed by an arm workout with small weights or rubber resistance bands. The majority of the class is spent at the barre (and on your toes!) doing repetitive resistance movements. Then usually there is some core mat work, followed by stretching.

What results have you had?

I’m going to be blunt- my butt is literally lifting off the back of my thighs as a result of doing BB. My thighs and calves are slimming and getting more toned, and so are my arms. My stomach is getting flatter. I also feel like my posture and the way I hold myself is improving. Aside from this looking better, it’s also good for my poor back since I sit hunched over a computer all day!

How often do you go?

I’ve been going to BB on and off since around July last year. On average, I go 1-2x/week. Plus I had the whole of October off (because we were in Europe) and December (because I wrote the whole month off :-P). In my opinion, you don’t need to go that often to see results fast.

How do you compare it to other workouts you’ve done?

Previously I’ve done pilates and yoga and aerobics/cardio style classes (e.g. Body Attack) I’ve seen results faster than with any other workout. And I have never found anything that made my legs skinnier, ever! I also like that it’s low impact, so isn’t so harsh on the body. Do note though, that BB is not cardio based, so you may want to supplement your workouts with running/cardio.

Have you lost weight?

I’m not doing BB to lose weight, but rather to tone up, and to be honest I don’t usually weigh myself so this isn’t something I’ve monitored. The results are in the way my body looks and feels, not a number on the scale. But since you can burn approx. 400-500 calories/class, I can imagine it would be good for weight loss, as well as toning.

Do you sweat?

Heck yeah! Even though it’s not cardio, it’s hard work!

And seriously, who doesn’t feel motivated to workout with fabulous new workout gear! When I came across the brand Terez on Shopbop, I fell in love with their amazing printed leggings. So gorgeous!

Let me know if you have any questions about Booty Barre that I haven’t answered, or if you love barre classes as much as me!


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