Brooklyn Style- Sundays in Brooklyn Heights

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that floral dresses and leather/denim jackets are totally my jam! I think I love this combo so much because traditionally I am really girly and love florals and ruffles, but as my style evolves I love adding an edge to my outfits. I also see it as a bit boho/coastal meets city- which perfectly sums up hot and sunny Brisbane! Unfortunately this exact dress from Mombasa Rose is sold out, but they have soo many gorgeous dresses perfect for summer and cross-season dressing!

So I knew when I packed for New York that I would be bringing this dress and jacket with me! This outfit was perfect for a sunny day in Brooklyn Heights aka one of the most stunning neighbourhoods ever. It looks like where Anne Hathaway lives in the Intern (calling all Nancy Meyers fans over here!! :D) You can read all about our day in Brooklyn Heights (and about our whole NY trip) in my NY City Guide here !

Btw on my recent Instagram stories I did a poll to see if you guys would like an updated skincare routine and most of you said yes! It has changed quite a bit so trust me it will be worth your while. Plus I went through a really bad patch with my skin so it really needed saving, and today for the first time in forever (who else sang that Frozen style??!!) I only wore tinted moisturiser! Woo! So stay tuned for all the details on the products that saved my skin!


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