Country Road knit casual picnic look + What I’ve learned from blogging so far!

grey country road cape forever new distressed denim hat 3

grey country road cape forever new distressed denim hat 4

grey country road cape forever new distressed denim hat 8

grey country road cape forever new distressed denim hat 9

grey country road cape forever new distressed denim hat 12

grey country road cape forever new distressed denim hat 10

grey country road cape forever new distressed denim hat 5

grey country road cape forever new distressed denim hat 2

Cape: Country Road (birthday gift, so soft and cosy!) Jeans: Forever New (my fave as you know!)  Shirt: Forever New  Hat: Miss Shop  Sneakers: Converse

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing a casual picnic look and also what I’ve learned so far from blogging. I suppose I’m sharing this for anyone who might be thinking about starting a blog, any other bloggers who might relate, and any super-pro bloggers who might have a laugh and say ‘Oh I remember those days!’ 😛  I touched on this on a recent Instagram post but thought it might be fun to go into a bit more detail, and also to look back on this post in a year when I’m (definitely) older and (hopefully) wiser! 🙂 And also I do not think I am an expert in any way, these are just my thoughts! So in no particular order:

1. Blogging takes a lot of time- more time than you will expect. For most people, blogging will probably begin as a hobby around full time work or school. I work full time, so blogging is something I do in mornings, evenings and on the weekend. Note when I say blogging, I also include social media. Often I will work all day, go to the gym after work, come home and cook dinner and clean up (or my lovely hubby often does), and then sit down to edit photos and write a blog post at 9.30pm/10pm when I’m getting sleepy. I’m not trying to say I’m a martyr, I do it because I love it. No one’s making me do it, and I also know myself- if I didn’t want to do it, I wouldn’t do it. I’d watch TV, see friends more, etc. It’s a funny thing when you find something you love doing! But of course I’m human and I get tired, and sometimes all I want to do is sleep or turn my brain off in front of the TV sometimes. I should definitely spend more time on my blog if I want to achieve my goals!

2. If you have no experience, the technology side can be hard, but you can still do it! I had zero experience with Photoshop and limited experience with websites. It was really important to me to start out my blog on and have a website I was at least somewhat proud of! I got someone off Etsy to make my website, which I was pretty happy with. I use Photoshop Lightroom to edit my photos and let me tell you that has taken a long time to learn and is still a work in progress! I basically just watched lots of YouTube videos and read photo editing blogs. The hardest part for me, and I feel I’m still finding this, is editing my photos so they are consistent. This is especially hard as we take my photos in so many different lights/backgrounds, so I can’t just apply the same filter each time and expect consistency. It can be very overwhelming using PS and very easy to go overboard, especially when you’re learning (guilty!) Personally I just play with the settings on the photo- exposure, clarity, etc- I very rarely photoshop stray hairs or blemishes. The other day B was looking at a post and said ‘Your hands are so veiny!’ I said, ‘so what, they’re my hands, I’m not photoshopping my hands!’.

3. Most of the blogging community is so friendly and positive and you meet some amazing people. This one I didn’t think about or expect before I started my blog, but almost everyone is so nice! I find it such an uplifting, positive place to be in each day. I love seeing other women strive to achieve their dreams and help and lift others up along the way. Blogging also really encourages you look for the best in others and appreciate everyone’s different styles.

4. Blogging has helped me get out more and explore my city! Since having every photoshoot out of the front of my house is boring, B and I go out at least every Saturday or Sunday to ‘do photoshoots’ (his words! 😉 ). Since I like my outfits to be real outfits I actually wear, it’s become less of a drive to a destination, get changed 3 times in a row and drive home. But rather we might drive somewhere and go for a walk *take photos*. Change outfit (usually in the car!) then go and get lunch. Change outfit and then stop somewhere else on the way home. Since you can’t take photos in the mall (Ha!) this has meant we get out every weekend and visit places in our city we might normally wouldn’t have visited. On a side note, I’ve gotten used to my wardrobe changes and tire of my outfits quickly- what a prima donna! 😉

5. Confession- I am shy and blogging has helped with my confidence. People who know me (or even those who don’t!) might think ‘what, Madeleine, shy?!’ but it’s actually true. It took me over a 1 1/2 years to work up the courage to start my blog. 1 1/2 years. When you think about how much further I could have gotten if I had just spent that time on my blog instead of deliberating and thinking about it, I could kick myself! I worried so much what people think of me, and the sad part is to a degree I still do (especially when taking photos in public when people stare gahhhh!). I asked myself ‘What will people think of me if I take photos of myself and put them on the internet. Although there’s this huge community, a lot of people don’t know about the fashion blogging world, they’ll think I’m silly or vain.’ In the end I decided to take the plunge- I decided that it was something I had to try, it was a dream, I needed this in my life and I needed the creative outlet. I love fashion and I need to create something of my own. I was following so many bloggers and every day I thought- I want to do this, I want to do this. And slowly it became, I can do this, I can do this. So I did! And it’s one of the best things I ever did!

Sorry I think this turned out a bit longer than expected! Just before I go I would like to thank my amazing husband and best friend for everything he does for me and the blog. Not only does he take all my photos all the time and self learn photoshop and help me and a million other things, but I am blogging because he believed in me and made me believe in myself. <3

 Thank you so much for reading and I’ve love to hear any thoughts you might have!



  1. I can totally relate to the whole thing of people stating while you’re taking photos. I get any even when I’m posing in my backyard and my neighbors come out… I run inside immediately lol
    XO, Kate

    • Aww Ally you’re the sweetest, thank you! Hope you have a fab week xx

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