Feminine with an edge- Rockstuds and Ripped Jeans







Jeans  |  Earrings (last worn  here)

You never want to have too much of a good thing, which is why I love this outfit- it’s all about balance. Blush, ripped jeans, lace, curls- all different, but put together it totally works! Here are my tips for mixing feminine flair with street style:

1) If you’re worried your outfit is a bit too schoolgirl la-di-da, put on a pair of distressed denim and it instantly adds cred to a girly look. (I linked my fave above and in the photo below)

2) Look for pieces that already combine both styles, like for example, these blush Rockstuds.

3) It’s all in the details- change up your hair and makeup to achieve different looks. For example, a messy topknot with a midi prom dress, soft curls and pink lippy with black and distressed denim.

4) Accept that your outfit is going to lean in one direction. My outfit here has street style elements, but the overall impression is still girly (I don’t think I can help it haha)

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! We may not celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, but I think it’s an important reminder to always be thankful- because we all have so much to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for my husband, family and friends. For my job, home, car and all the other luxuries that make my life easier.

I’m thankful for finding something I’m passionate about- blogging- and for all the wonderful people I’ve met blogging. 🙂

I’m also sharing some awesome Black Friday finds on my Insta stories- you can follow me here @madeleine_qiu.

Happy almost weekend! 🙂





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