Floral dress and chambray (Spring style in Autumn) + Sam Edelman shoe review

I’m not usually one to jump on a new trend. I might like it straight away (or I might not!) but I sit on it, think about, see if it’s me. The loafer mule is classic example of this! I know way back when the fur lined Gucci loafers first came out- you know, these– and I loved them straight away! I’m drawn to anything with fur, sequins or glitter! But they still had quite a masculine shape and only came in brown, so I wasn’t sure if it was a case of liking something, but accepting that it’s not really you. 

But then I started seeing loafers everywhere! In all styles, colours and prints, and I was still loving them. And when I saw these Sam Edelman mules I knew they were just right for me. I really do love blue, and the pretty floral print adds a feminine touch to a masculine style shoe. And I just love the contrasting leather strap for an extra something-something. 😉

Plus… they’re actually comfortable! Another thing is I always thought mules looked uncomfortable. I imagine that the bottom would flick up as you walked, if that makes sense, and that they would be really hard and the top would cut across your foot.

This is absolutely not the case with these shoes- they are lightly padded, super soft and comfortable to wear, and don’t flick up when you walk (like thongs/flip flops!) So they’re not just a pretty face!

I decided to go so in depth with reviewing these shoes, because I have very fussy feet actually find it so hard to find shoes that are both CUTE and COMFORTABLE.

Let me know if you have any other questions about these beauties!


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