French fashion- a Paris inspired outfit








When we were in Paris recently I was struck by how stylish the women were (and who am I kidding, the men, too- it was enough to give you a complex being surrounded by all these super-stylish people!) We had spent the first two weeks of our trip in Italy where it was hot every day, so I didn’t have many warm clothes for the cooler weather we encountered by the time we got to Paris. Luckily I had brought this chic striped long-sleeved top with me! I bought this on a whim from Dotti earlier this year for like $20, as I had a feeling it would be one of those staple items I’d get a lot of wear out of- and gosh was I right. I wear this all the time because it goes with everything and I have become stripe crazy! I wore it with white jeans, distressed denim jeans and culottes in Europe, but in this outfit I decided to style it with my salsa skirt for a touch of romance! 😉

Dotti doesn’t stock the turtleneck version anymore, but I have shared some other versions below. Who else is obsessed with stripes??


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