Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin + Drunk Elephant Review

I just want to preface this by saying I do not have normal skin! My skin is very sensitive and prone to breakouts, it gets oily, it gets dry. If I’m tired or run down, my skin might get itchy or red. If I’m using too harsh products, my eczema on my forehead might flare up. If the wind is blowing east and a chicken crows, I might break out. You get the idea!

The reason I wanted to make this clear, is I think it’s important to know what type of skin I have before I tell you or recommend to you products. I have read so many blog posts/YT videos online where girls with ‘normal but slightly dry’ skin recommend products, and they just don’t work for me because my skin is sensitive. Which is fine, of course, but I just want to make it clear that when I recommend a product it’s because it has seriously helped me and kept all the aforementioned skin issues at bay. So without any further adieu let’s get into it!

Morning Routine

Cleanse- I like Rationale or Philosophy. Although my skin can get very oily, I find it responds better to hydrating cleansing formulas. These are both very calming and soothing formulas.

Tone- I love this Paula’s Choice toner. It really helps to unclog my pores, helps with blackheads and overall clarity of my skin. It’s not irritating at all.

Serum- I love using a Vitamin C serum in the mornings. I have been using this Drunk Elephant serum, which my girlfriend got me on to. This is serious stuff and excellent value for money in my opinion- personally I would put this in a cosmeceutical category. It makes my skin glowy and helps heal scars and marks.

Moisturiser- This is always a super tricky step for those with oily or breakout prone skin. Now, I started using this Drunk Elephant moisturiser at the same time as their serums. When I bought it the lady at Mecca said it might not be hydrating enough and to use the Drunk Elephant oil afterwards if required, and she gave me a sample. But in the beginning it just wasn’t working out for me-my skin was getting itchy and red and breaking out- something wasn’t right. And I realised that I needed a proper moisturiser on top. My skin was crying out for more moisture. So I caved and went back to my favourite day moisturiser ever which is super expensive- Rationale.  This is a miracle product. After using this moisturiser after the Drunk Elephant one, my skin was supple and glowing! I thought the D.E. product wasn’t good but that’s not true, it’s just that it calls itself a moisturser, but I would call it a serum. I don’t know who could use this as their only moisturiser- and I started trying these products in the middle of summer when it was super hot and humid! Now that my skin is properly moisturised, it can enjoy the benefits of the D.E. product, which is super amazing clarity, holy smokes! The provitamin B3 in this product definitely works. Sorry for that long story, but I just wanted to remind everyone it’s not just the product, but how you use it!

Evening Routine

Cleanse- If I was wearing eye makeup (which I don’t everyday) then I’ll use this Micellar Water to remove it. It’s so good and gentle and you can’t beat that price! I’ve used the more expensive Bioderma one and I think Garnier is better. Then I use the oldest trick in the book, the HOLY GRAIL of skincare- OIL- to remove my face makeup. Since I was 16 I have used this Cleansing Oil  and it is so amazing and super affordable. But, I recently ran out and thought to myself hmm…I know the key ingredient is olive oil, why don’t I just try using olive oil instead? So I poured some extra virgin into my cleasing oil pump bottle and have been using it every night and oh my gosh it has made my skin so supple! I really massage it into my face for like 5 good minutes- around my t-zone to clear out those pores, cheeks, neck, the whole shabang. FINALLY, I will use my morning cleanser (I’m currently using this one as it’s cheaper!) because you have to double cleanser, and my skin is left completely clean of makeup, but supple and soft too. Yay!

Serum- I have been using this Drunk Elephant serum at night and it’s amazing- if you have clog prone skin like me you need to use a glycolic, salicylic acid, etc serum every night, trust me. I tried replacing this with my morning PC toner, and it wasn’t the same. I also love this Rationale one which is similar, and I think I’ll try it when this one is empty to compare them back to back.

Moisturiser- Another pump of this pro-vitamin B3 baby and then my other Holy Grail- this nightcream.  This is creme de la creme of nightcreams, and yes it has a price tag to match, but it’s not the most expensive nightcream out there either! It’s packed full of actives like retinol and shrinks my pores like there’s no tomorrow. Just do yourself a favour, seriously!

Sorry this post is quite long, but I think it’s important to not just say ‘Cleanser- this one’, but to really explain why I use it and to be completely honest about it’s benefits. There were some teething issues at first, but I’m really happy with my current routine and my skin seems to be loving it! Let me know if you have any questions at all about these products or my routine! 🙂


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