Spring dress in the gardens + how to stay focused on your goals (A February reminder)

Dress: Old, but I’ve linked similar ones below

The start of a new year makes me think of new beginnings and a ‘fresh start’. If I could describe motivation as a feeling, I would call it a wave- it can wash over you and make you think you can achieve anything, but it can also leave you. I know you’re thinking, it’s the end of February, the time for ‘new year, new you’ posts was 6 weeks ago. But I don’t know about you guys, I went into 2017 guns blazing- I was over the indulgence overload that was December, I was going to be a blogging master, workout and get a Victoria’s Secret body, and be the best wife ever. By the beginning of February I was already wanting a break. What happened?!

The outcome I was focused on hadn’t changed, but I realised working to achieve your goals can be a long process, with ups and downs. It isn’t just a simple, “I’ve realised my goal, okay I’ll just achieve it now with the exact same level of commitment and motivation I felt when I had my ‘this is my goal!’ revelation”. I’m a very visual person, so after realising this, I needed to stop it inefficiently swirling around my head. I identified key feelings/thoughts that were suffocating my motivation:

If I can’t do it 100%, I just won’t do it. 

This is so wrong on so many levels. I am guilty of thinking, well I’m too exhausted/busy to write a whole blog post tonight so I guess I’ll just watch 3 hours of Netflix and go to bed. Although I love Netflix (right?! <3) I still feel guilty and unsatisfied that I didn’t work on something I love which makes me feel good about myself. What I’m realising is even if I do a little bit of blogging this makes me feel better than doing nothing at all. This SO applies to other things in my life like exercising and catching up with family and friends.

It’s not perfect, therefore I won’t do it/share it/post it. 

Any perfectionists out there, can I get an amen?! I actually wouldn’t call myself a perfectionist, but I do set a high standard for myself. And I would definitely call myself a control freak haha! But there comes a point where you have done your best. Where you need to step back and think “This there, is the best that I can do right now”. Whether it’s exercise, blogging, a clean house, or being a wife or girlfriend. You sometimes need to just go with it. But remember- this might not be the best you can do…ever! Every day is a opportunity for improvement.

Striving to achieve a goal you actually think you’re not good enough to achieve.

This sounds like a total cliche until you ask yourself- Do you believe in yourself? Do you truly believe you can achieve your goals? Or are you striving for a goal you think you aren’t good enough to achieve? I am guilty of this. I think it’s the norm to be critical of yourself, and I think I’d even say this is more so the case for girls. Not pretty enough, thin enough, stylish enough, outgoing enough, the list could go on. This is ridiculous, harmful, a ridiculous waste of time and will stop you from achieving your goals. I literally need to remind myself on a daily basis that I am good enough to achieve my goals!

Comparing yourself to others.

Now this doesn’t just belong in this blog post, this belongs in the mantra of life. Let me preface this by saying you can look to others for a little motivation or inspiration, but when you’re just comparing yourself to others and it’s stifling your own goals, happiness and efficiency, then you just gotta stop!


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