Summer Dress- red and yellow roses

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myer miss shop dangerfield rose dress glam 4

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Dress: Myer (instore) or get it here

We have had an absolute heatwave for the past 10 days! I’m talking like 36C/97F days and 28C/83F nights! When it’s this hot all I want to wear is cotton so when I found this darling rose dress at Myer, I knew it would be the perfect summer dress (I may have already worn it 3x in the past week :-P) I love the full skirt, light cotton fabric and of course that beautiful print. <3

I thought I’d share a quick hair update, as I’ve spoken on the blog before here about how I’m trying to grow my fine colour-treated hair and shared my full hair care routine.

So I haven’t dyed my hair now since I think it was November 2015. You’ll see my natural hair colour is a dark blonde with very warm highlights- having dyed my hair for forever, this was a surprise to me haha. Since I stopped dying my hair I have definitely noticed it is much stronger and SO much thicker/more volume (the supplements I take could also have helped) and I don’t have as many of those baby hairs/split hairs (it was a windy day when we shot these photos so my hair isn’t smooth and perfect!)

I still generally only curl it once a week and I’ve been trying even harder to limit hairdryer use by letting it air dry (truly it looks awful when I do this, so I can only then put it in a ponytail/braid) or even braiding it when wet, which I can only get away with now because it’s a million degrees.

I’m also going to try something I’ve never done before and stop getting my regular 8-12 week trims. When I read official articles on growing your hair, they all say to still get regular trims to ensure your hair grows out healthy, which I understand. However when I read people’s actual experience in growing their hair, on blogs or YT, they all say they didn’t cut their hair for like a year….

So I’m going to try that for a bit! Of course I don’t just want long, but straggly and ugly hair, but if I’m really looking after my hair and not using much heat, hopefully it will still grow out healthily. So anyway, I will keep you updated!

Does anyone else have any experience in growing their hair out, and what worked best for them?



    • Thank you so much Amy! We’re into week 2 of a heatwave, trust me, enjoy the cold, hehe! xx

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