Summer pom pom tassel statement earrings

Tassel statement summer earrings ilymix chicwish top 4

Tassel statement summer earrings ilymix chicwish top 6

Tassel statement summer earrings ilymix chicwish top 2

Tassel statement summer earrings ilymix chicwish top 5

Tassel statement summer earrings ilymix chicwish top 3

Earrings: Ilymix Top: Chicwish  Lips: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in ‘Yu’

I am totally obsessed with anything with tassels and pom poms this season. There’s something that’s just so fun and summery about multi-coloured tassels swinging in the warm breeze as you make your way to the beach…ahhh! Which is why when I saw these earrings I completely fell in love. They are a statement earring at it’s best and pair perfectly with off the shoulder tops (as you can see from my photo’s!)

You can get these fabulous earrings from Ilymix right now for 20% off using code Madeleine20 plus free international shipping. Southern hemisphere ladies, these are perfect just in time for summer (plus I was at Lovisa just yesterday and couldn’t find anything like them…!)

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! We went to a friend’s 30th birthday last night which was heaps of fun, and then I mostly did blog work and trip prep all weekend- I’ve started packing, only 10 days to go until we’re on our way to Europe via our 2 nights in Dubai!

Want to hear something sad- I can’t wait for the 14 hour flight just so I can relax and do nothing- crazy, right! 😛



  1. Looking adorably gorgeous, as always!
    I’m so excited for you and your upcoming trip!

    Haha, that actually doesn’t sound crazy at all. If I managed flights well, I would definitely use them as a time where I could do nothing but enjoy the ride. ☺️

    • Aww sorry you don’t like flying, it seems very common! My friends all tell me they want me to fly with them all the time so they can absorb my relaxation vibes!! I’m just lazy and like other people bringing me food haha.

  2. Love your top and I can relate, in this day and age we all need time off even if it is in a plane 🙂 xx

    • Ahh that’s so true isn’t it! We don’t often get time to just ‘turn off’! 🙂 Hope you get a break soon too lady! xx

    • I totally agree! That are a trend I am just soaking up haha. Thanks for your kind words and support always Cassie! 🙂 xx

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