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Dress: H&M  Hat: Miss Shop  Shoes: Sam Edelman (sold out, but I’ve linked similar ones below)

It can be hard to look stylish in summer! Even when I say the words ‘stylish outfit’, I envision chic layers, coats, boots. A cotton dress and flip flops (okay we call them thongs, but I know what that means in other countries so I don’t want to alarm anyone :-P) is not exactly the epitome of style. But when the mercury is reaching 40C/100F, the absolute need to wear as little as possible to stay cool kind of takes over.

But there are things you can still do to look stylish in summer, or on your beach vacation, if you are escaping the cold! Here are my tips to showcase your style when you don’t feel like wearing much of anything!:

Statement earrings

I shared a post here on how statement earrings are a big trend for 2017, and they are even more important in sprucing up your outfit when you are wearing a plain cotton dress. Big, bright, bold, or sparkly, a statement earring can really up the ante on your summer outfit.


Hats are both practical and stylish in summer, and are one of the only ‘layering’ pieces that you can wear in summer to really show you made an effort with your outfit, and also protect you from the sun! I love the light coloured fedora style I’m wearing in these photos, it’s perfect for summer without feeling too beachy.

Gorgeous Sandal

Tassels, pom poms, lace ups, beads, bright colours- now is the time to go all out! But don’t forget sometimes there’s nothing more elegant than a summer dress with a classic leather sandal. In summer you’re probably almost always exposing at least the lower half of your leg, so your shoes are always nicely on display- now is the time to let them shine!

Bold lip

Even if it’s totally hot, lipstick will not normally sweat off. A bold lip- red, raspberry, hot pink, etc-is the perfect way to still maintain that image of looking put together!

You can also check out this blog post where I shared another summer look using these tips, where I’m wearing one of my fave summer dresses!

TGIF- have a wonderful weekend everyone!



    • Thanks Lena! I think you’re exactly right- it’s one of my fave colours to wear! Hope you had a fab weekend girl xx

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