Ten essentials to pack for a smarter weekend getaway

Weekend getaways are my absolute fave. You get the excitement of going somewhere new, without the stress of a major holiday. I love having something to look forward to, so I always make sure I have a few short getaways planned throughout the year. Plus they’re a fab way of exploring places near you- give me a beach, lake, countryside or winery any weekend!

I usually plan my getaways to a T, but sometimes, especially if you’re going with a group of people, you’re not always sure what’s going to be on the agenda. This is why it’s especially important to pack smartly- curating your clothes so you have a selection of chic outfits ready for any event that might pop up (that fits in one bag!)

I have a weekend getaway at the beach coming up, but my picks are perfect for any weekend away you might have planned. These are the ten essentials you need that will ensure you have a relaxed, stylish break!:

1.Matching set- This is one of my fave trends right now for high impact glam. Plus you can mix-and-match the top and bottoms with other pieces in your suitcase to create whole new outfits. There are heaps of gorgeous two-piece sets here, and Showpo has tonnes of options too. I’ve picked my faves below- just click on the image for a full look at each outfit!


2.Something denim- Shorts, skirts or jeans, a denim piece is a necessity for a weekend away. Wear it with the top from your matching set, or use my swimsuit tip below for space saving! Showpo also has some of my fave denim this season, they have all the high-fashion styles that can sometimes be hard to find- distressed, high waisted, mum jeans, raw hems- at really reasonable prices:


3.One-piece swimsuit- Glamorous and flattering, a one-piece is perfect for poolside, as well as doubling as a chic bodysuit with your denim piece. Below are my fave selections, including picks from two of my fave stores for swimwear, David Jones and ShopBop:


4.Fabulous sunglasses- Need I say more? A pair of glam sunnies will add oomph to any outfit!


5.Stylish hat- As with the sunglasses, a stylish hat is a necessity for a weekend away. Reminiscent of times past when travelling sans hat was a social faux pas, a hat will add style to any outfit (plus the practicality of sun protection!)


6.Cosmetically elegant sunscreen- When you’re leaving your office for a weekend in the sun, a good quality sunscreen is a necessity, not an option! Gone are the days when you slop on gooey sticky sunscreen- todays sunscreens are ‘cosmetically elegant’ (my favourite term ever!) which means you remain matte and protected from the sun (with no shine or breakouts!) This is my fave sunscreen, and this one is really good too.

7.Faux tan- I feel my best when I’m bronzed and glowing, so I love a faux tan for weekends away. If you don’t have time to fake it before you leave (I wouldn’t recommend trying to tan at the hotel), then you can always use this miracle in a can to get that flawless look instantly.

8.Day-to-night bag- Remember, you only have one suitcase! A bag you can use during the day and evening, is the perfect space-saver, plus you don’t have to fuss with moving the contents of your handbag. This bag from FarFetch is perfect and I can attest to its practicality- I used it almost daily when we were in the US recently for sightseeing all day through to dinner and a show at night.

9.Just-in-case heels- You might have a glam dinner planned, but even if you don’t, I think it’s a good idea to bring a trusty pair of heels- it’s better to be safe than sorry! (and it’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed!) I ticked the ‘on sale’ box when searching for new heels on Lyst, so most of my picks below are on sale (Yes, please!):


10.Luxe PJs- Your outfits are perfect, your skin is glowing, so don’t finish your day in an old t-shirt- make sure you fall asleep on a bed (made by someone else!) in beautiful luxe PJ’s. Trust me, you’ll feel so much better! I adore the totally luxe Eberjey PJ’s (you can get them from ShopBop) and Kate Spade sleepwear is the perfect mix of pretty and posh!


This post was inspired by Lyst. All opinions are my own.


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