Travel tip- 3 staple pieces you need to be stylish and comfortable



Chambray shirt  Blouse (Zara, similar here)  Skirt  Sneakers

When I was faced with having to pack one suitcase (okay, and a carry-on ;)) to fit all the clothes, shoes, makeup, toiletries, etc that I’d need for a whole month in Europe with at least 2-3 climates- I was a bit overwhelmed! I started planning and online shopping way in advance (and I will probably do a separate post on how to plan and pack for a trip), but I knew 3 things that would apply to whatever I decided to bring:

Stylish- Just because I’m a tourist, doesn’t mean I can’t look cute! To me, ‘looking stylish’, is more about feeling good!  When I’m wearing clothes I love and feeling put together, I feel more confident and good about myself. Otherwise, I’d just wear sweatpants everywhere! 😛

Comfortable- At the same time, and this really applies to when I’m home too, I need to feel comfortable! There’s nothing worse than a too tight skirt or blisters on your feet. This is even more important when on holidays- I’ve come all the way to Europe to experience everything it has to offer- I don’t want to be limping around constantly focusing on my sore feet or not eating the amazing local food because my skirt is too tight. (Note- I ate everything :D)

Versatile- I planned my outfits so much, because I needed them to be versatile! With limited space, I couldn’t bring one pretty skirt that only went with one top and nothing else- I was playing the mix and match game! That’s why if you followed my outfits on Instagram , you’ll notice that I wore a lot of solid colours and stripes.

This brings me to the 3 staple pieces you need to be stylish and comfortable when travelling:

Chambray shirt- When I first bought it, this little inconspicuous piece changed my (fashion) life. It goes with almost everything- white denim (as seen in this post and also here ) blue denim (like in this post), stripes, florals, dresses, pants, skirts, you name it! It’s also the perfect layering piece, especially when a cardigan or jacket would be too warm- even if you’re travelling somewhere hot, it can be cool in the evenings, or in air conditioning, and especially when travelling on planes. As we often left the apartment in the morning and often wouldn’t come back until after dinner, I needed something to bring me from day to night, and as you can see, I easily hung it over my purse when it was too hot. Also, if anyone has been to Italy in the summer, you’ll know that you need to cover your shoulders when entering churches, so a chambray shirt comes in handy!

Sneakers- Can I please say that I am SO glad that sneakers have become fashionable and I hope this trend never goes (I don’t care actually, I’m wearing them for life!) Heels obviously don’t cut it for a day of sightseeing and flats are okay for a period, but try walking a whole day in them! Enter- a beautiful, comfortable, supportive sneaker that can take you from the Louvre to Champs Elysees allowing you to focus on your beautiful Parisian surroundings, and not the massive blisters on your heels. Plain and neutral is best- white (like these leather Converse I have), grey (like my Nike Roshes or similar here), or black ensure you remain stylish and comfortable through your travels, and can be worn with jeans and shorts, and even skirts and dresses. (Honestly I saw most people wearing sneakers on our travels, including the fashionistas!)

Denim skirt- Denim jeans are usually a staple in most suitcases, but I think denim skirts are a stylish and feminine alternative, that still have the bonus of being neutral and longwearing like jeans. When I pictured my style palette for Italy, I pictured lots of white pieces for a fresh, crisp, summery look. This denim skirt from Forever New was perfect and I wore it tonnes throughout Italy and in Barcelona. When we got to Paris and it was a bit chillier, I wore it with black leggings, striped turtleneck and a black and white long cardi to pull the look together.

I’ll be sharing more looks from our trips and style and travel trips over the coming weeks, as well as looks now that we’re home! It feels good to reminisce about our trip and look over photos, but B and I are both absolutely loving being home, especially with our Lilycat!


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